Project Description

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is about bringing the self back to a balance state in order to assist the body in healing naturally.

Aligning a persons energies will aid them to create an eco system that will promote the physical being to heal itself.

This type of modality may affect each individual in a variety of ways. It may help in relaxation, ease stress or maintain a healthy mind and help the human anatomy achieve optimal health.

Energy Healing has been used for many centuries and although there are many different types of energy healings, all lead to the same goal: balance within the self.

Energy Healing may help ease the following:

  • Feelings of being disconnected
  • Physical discomfort associated with acute or chronic illness/injury
  • The attraction to harmful or negative relationships
  • The release of harmful habits

Take some time. Treat yourself.

You deserve it!

Our retreat includes one Energy Healing session. You can book an extra session to further enhance the benefits of this treatment.