What we do to empower you

To be the best version of yourself.

My mission, through energy healing, is to help individuals reconnect with their inner guidance and spirit. I help individuals bring the self back to a more balanced state. This is achieved by removing blockages held in the body that may have accumulated throughout life or patterns passed on through family lineage. These may look like fears or deeply rooted issues that prevents us from being our best selves.

I see each distortion or pattern as a thin layer on the body that prevents one from hearing their inner voice.  By removing these layers one at a time, the individual can access their inner voice more clearly and live a more fulfilled life.

Energy healing has been used for many centuries and although there are many different types of energy healings, all lead to the same goal: balance within the self.

Kathryne Smalls Mejias

Energy Healing

Energy healing is about bringing the self back to a balance state in order to assist the body in healing naturally.

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Enjoy self examination and learn how to cultivate patience and create balance while taming the busy mind.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, our classes will enhance the union with yourself.

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Moon Circle

The moon represents mystery and magic. This powerful circle will help you set clear goals and uplift our spirit.

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Challenge yourself to see how much heat you can take and learn something new within yourself.

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