When you need reassurance…

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Growing up, I was fascinated by all that was esoteric. Anything related to angels, auras, energy or looking into what my dreams represented, appealed to me. This led me to utilize my own intuition as guidance and meditation in my everyday life.

Going within and seeing your beauty

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Those who dive within the depts of their soul, discover a place where only the brave ones venture. For this place is a Holy place and can remain hidden from many, for only a few really hold the courage required to take that plunge into the ocean of themselves. These waters are not always calm ones, that is why determination is a must.

Benefits of a balanced nutritional plan

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When I speak to individuals about nutrition, they tend to automatically take a defensive stance. Their whole body language changes and their eyes suddenly get filled with fear. Thoughts of food restrictions, diet and tasteless morsels, immediately come racing through their minds. Only after a lengthy pause, a half smile makes an appearance across their faces.

When things happen unexpectedly

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When we go through challenging experiences in our lives, we have to remember to stay at our center. A great way to do so is breathing. Take a slow breath with a 4 count inhale, hold 4 counts and exhale 4 counts. Repeat for 10 breaths. This can be done easily anywhere anytime and will definitely help you in stressful situations.

Leaving the nest

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As I sat at the beach on old wooden stairs that seemed to have green mold growing all over them. I looked into the far distance, at the sea. I watched the waves and looked at how they had a natural flow. They rose up to the shore, then back down. As the waves washed back to where they came from, they always took a little sand with them.

The perfect pair of pants

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How can a great pair of pants enhance your well-being? When we think of a spiritual guru, a yogi, or meditator, we might immediately bring to mind an image of a person wearing a “flower power” t-shirt and baggy pair of pants. This image would likely be of peaceful-looking humans that have reached a nirvana-like state of being; a place of eternal happiness in their totality. How wonderful. However, if you are a lover of both fashion and spirituality, like me, then you may want to do away with those images and look marvellous while you become enlightened.

Self Care

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Many of us seem to be trying to figure out how to create a balanced life. We juggle our busy schedules and then we feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. By making yourself a priority it gives your spirit an opportunity to develop and this will have several healthy benefits including making your life happier, fuller and peaceful.

The light at the end of the tunnel

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The Light at the end of the tunnel is something many of us seem to be searching for. Have you ever noticed that most tunnels have bright lights built within them such as The Lafontaine Tunnel and Metro tunnels in Montreal, The Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado and The Marmaray Tunnel in Turkey. Whether it be a decision or a choice you made, you are responsible for where you are. How do we get out of this tunnel?

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