When you need reassurance…

Growing up, I was fascinated by all that was esoteric. Anything related to angels, auras, energy or looking into what my dreams represented, appealed to me. This led me to utilize my own intuition as guidance and meditation in my everyday life.

Sometimes, when my thoughts are clouded and I need a second opinion, I seek advice. Recently, I found myself in that particular situation. A friend of mine suggested contacting Montreal based tarot reader, Nicole Marie. Through my research I was directed to her website. She offered several services such as house clearing, reiki, crystal therapy, life coaching and Tarot card readings. I also noticed that she had been featured on Breakfast Television Montreal. I decided to give her a call and set up an appointment. Since she offered both in person and videocall options, I chose the latter. Prior to the call, my nerves kicked in yet quickly calmed by her warm smile and soft spoken nature. Without giving her too much input, she went ahead and gave me clear answers and described the very situation I was going through. At the end of the reading I felt comforted and confident that I was heading in the right direction. This experience turned out to be more than a simple consultation, as I was left with a plan and a path to follow. I felt reassured and at peace. I know for sure Nicole Marie is an old soul with lots of knowledge and guidance to offer.

If you are feeling unsure or frustrated about a certain situation or what direction you should take, I highly recommend Nicole Marie to help you find your answers. Reach out at justbreathein.ca.