I am a woman who dances with the wild winds and the storms.

I Am

I am a woman who dances with the wild winds and the storms.
I am someone who likes to sit back or take action depending on what I need.
I surprise myself every day with what I do and don’t.

Every step I have taken is a reflection of my past conditioning.
By releasing the old it allows new energies to emerge and new options to arise.
Only then, will I come closer to the core of my being, my higher self and pure source.

Through the years I have learned that as the layers peel away, the “ideal person” evolves.
It is only a glimpse of sheets to be felt and let go.
On our journey to our authentic selves, each coat we remove shows a little more of our truth.
After the shedding of the egos, our true brilliance will emerge. Our nature.

I am a woman who has lived many lives within one.
Who has taken many paths and intertwined them.
No one said it would be easy.
However, as life changes, I have learned to adapt countless times.

All of my shadows and light, all of my weaknesses, choices and mistakes are part of the thread that I generate.
As long as the intent behind the building of this web comes from the heart, that is what matters.

As the heart sings, so does the rest.
As the wind blows, the chimes create music.
As our energies radiate, life happens.

We are all part of the whole…

Ask the right questions and receive the right answers.