Going within and seeing your beauty

Those who dive within the depts of their soul, discover a place where only the brave ones venture.

For this place is a Holy place and can remain hidden from many, for only a few really hold the courage required to take that plunge into the ocean of themselves.

These waters are not always calm ones, that is why determination is a must.

It is a place where one must demand to see, otherwise, it will remain buried under many layers of a personality and may sometimes lay unseen for many centuries.

Perhaps, one day, the time comes and the need is greater than the fear.

That is when one enters this place of darkness in their soul and shine light in all the caves.

They may not like what they see, they may run back and not want to look at all the misery they hold inside.

That is why a deep breath is required to really look honestly and inspect every experience.

They find and realize they were all opportunities. Ones that served a purpose, ones that created a path, ones that led to this very moment. When all is looked at honestly, that is the very moment, it happens.

It is seen as true beauty, and a realization that there was never any darkness in the first place, only experiences that needed to be understood and seen.