When things happen unexpectedly

When we go through challenging experiences in our lives, we have to remember to stay at our center. A great way to do so is breathing. Take a slow breath with a 4 count inhale, hold 4 counts and exhale 4 counts. Repeat for 10 breaths. This can be done easily anywhere anytime and will definitely help you in stressful situations.

The Storm

I do not understand all of this,
I feel so beaten down by this storm.
A storm that will not let me breathe,
Not even let me walk or barely crawl.
Maybe this storm is something going on inside my mind.
Or even something happening inside my entire body.
Maybe I am making it all up and does not really exist.
But it’s forces tremendous, it feels powerful and overrides all other emotions.
It really cannot be denied.
Some say a storm brings up the best within us.
It shuffles all things that are believed to be stable.
It mixes us up and forced us to remember what we really want,
And what we are made of.
It reminds us that life is sometimes challenging,
It brings up the strength within us.
And reminds us life is fragile.
The storm makes us want to persist and survive,
Or give up and die.
How can something so real exist within us, and
Not really exist outside of us.
Maybe it does, and maybe our storm within reflects our lives outwards.
No matter what, this storm leaves a trail.
It leaves damage and things to be reconstructed, remodeled.
After a storm, nothing remains the same, it changes us.
We go with it or loose a limb in the process of resistance.
We always have a choice to keep on going or remain the same and get buried alive.
What will you choose?