Leaving the nest

As I sat at the beach on old wooden stairs that seemed to have green mold growing all over them. I looked into the far distance, at the sea. I watched the waves and looked at how they had a natural flow. They rose up to the shore, then back down. As the waves washed back to where they came from, they always took a little sand with them.

Why I wondered, why can’t each motion go without taking any sand with it? It’s quite sad I thought. All these pieces of sand found their comfortable spots right there, next to their friends, family and loved ones. It probably feels like a warm bed to them. Where the sheets are nice and crisp and tucked in just at the right places. Where they are always there for each other and can have long conversations about life or sit without saying a word. Where they can dream about the future or remember the many memories they shared. Such as the time when a jelly fish came to visit and then a man stepped on it and started yelling because he was in so much pain. Or, how Henry, the dog, always came to say hi every evening, when his owner finished work. He ran across the beach playing and rolling around with his wet coat of golden fur. Maybe they spoke about when children came to build sand castles and sometimes forgot their pink and blue pales and shovels.

Now, why does this wave have to come and yank the sand particles away. It might feel as though they are getting pulled out of bed so strongly like when you are removing dust from an old carpet. Did this wave ever think of how the sand might be feeling. Leaving its place, its mother’s womb and going into the unknown. A place that is as unsettling as a rumbling stomach. Did the sea ever think what it was doing was deeply upsetting to the other particle of sand. The others might have looked up to this one as a wise teacher. Yet as the tide goes in, it must go out. It does not need to ask questions, it just is what it is and does what it does. It has instincts, it knows exactly what to do. And even though it takes a bit of sand away from shore each time. It brings in new sand to take its place. New knowledge, new experiences and new friends. It just takes some getting used to at first, it is just nature.

Sometimes, growth happens outside of the known and comfort of our lives. We can grow, flourish and really see what we are made of when moments in our lives take unexpected turns. We should embrace it, all of it, as it is part of the great master plan of the beauty of our journey.