The perfect pair of pants

How can a great pair of pants enhance your well-being?

When we think of a spiritual guru, a yogi, or meditator, we might immediately bring to mind an image of a person wearing a “flower power” t-shirt and baggy pair of pants. If it is a woman, we might picture someone with long wavy hair, wearing minimal makeup or none at all. A man, may appear as having a long beard. Both images would likely be of peaceful-looking humans that have reached a nirvana-like state of being; a place of eternal happiness in their totality. How wonderful. However, if you are a lover of both fashion and spirituality, like me, then you may want to do away with those images and look marvellous while you become enlightened.

Many people have the belief that fashion and spirituality are two separate things. However, my belief is that you can be a fashionista and a healer at once. I honour everyone’s uniqueness and choices. After all, that is the beauty of life. A garden with a variety of flowers is much more pleasing to the eye than a garden with a single kind. I believe that if we feel good within, our confidence will shine outwards no matter what we are wearing. However, wearing things we love will only enhance our well-being further, and might influence us to go places and do things we may not have otherwise.

Yes, I love fashion. But I am also a big lover of comfort. To me, these go hand in hand. What if I told you that it is possible to look trendy and stylish but feel like you are wearing pyjamas? You could run errands and do a challenging yoga class wearing the pants I’m discussing today. No matter what movement you do or how much bending is required, your behind can stay hidden and all your imperfections can be neatly tucked away. Following your yoga class, you can leave your pants on and go to a fancy dinner wrinkle-free and feel like the sexiest women alive. Would you believe me if I told you this? You should, because I found that pair of pants.

The brand behind this amazing creation is one of Canada’s leading fashion houses; Lisette L Montreal. This company was first established 17 years ago. It has made a worldwide impact, assisting women of any age to feel good within by wearing a fabulous pair of pants. They made headlines as the most desired pair of pants in the world when Kathie Lee Gifford raved about them on her show with Hoda in 2013. Since then, they have expanded and graced the covers of many leading magazines, including Oprah’s O magazine – several times. Oprah realized that these pants were made for real women of any size. She loved them so much ordered all colors and all styles. Martha Stewart quickly noticed them and became a fan too, even going as far as writing an article on them in her magazine. Venus Williams, Jelena Janković, and many more women tennis stars have been seen wearing them, as their comfort and style is unsurpassable. Even though the company’s achievements are numerous, they have always stayed true in their beliefs, offering the best in comfort and cutting-edge style to every woman at every age.

You have got to try a pair of these pants to feel the difference for yourself. Visit to find your nearest retailer.