Self Care

Many of us seem to be trying to figure out how to create a balanced life. We juggle our busy schedules and then we feel guilty about taking time for ourselves. By making yourself a priority it gives your spirit an opportunity to develop and this will have several healthy benefits including making your life happier, fuller and peaceful.

Face it, nobody enjoys waking up to an alarm clock, unless it is to catch an early flight for a long awaited vacation. Usually that buzzer is the sound of yet another hectic schedule that is full of errands, work to complete and our relationships to nurture. We need to earn money because we have credit card debts, mortgage payments and we have to purchase everyday items. By the end of a stressful day we look forward to a glass or two of wine and are anxious to put our heads down on a soft plush pillow. Working on a balanced life will give you more strength to accept and deal with the ups and downs of daily life. We are the masters of our own destiny.

Once we exam our habits and take responsibility for where we are, we can work on our weaknesses and realize we can effectuate change. In an age of block buster super heroes we give credence to statements like the power is within you. By realizing this you can slowly implement changes that will benefit your wellbeing. Furthermore, where there is a will there is a way.

What if there were simple steps to follow and make yourself the priority without feeling guilty and without wreaking havoc upon your daily schedule. Would you make them? Here are a few suggestions.

Begin your day 15 minutes earlier by waking up to soft meditation music, relax, meditate and set up a second music wake up call.

Love reading but find yourself too busy, get an audio version and listen on your journey to and from work.

When you take your work breaks find a quiet space and enjoy breathing in lavender essential oil to reconnect with yourself during the course of your busy day.

Upon your arrival at home, disconnect from all media devices. Instead unwind by soaking in a bath, be with your thoughts and forget about that to do list. You are the priority and the to do list can be postponed.

Finally, remember that when you make selfcare a priority, life becomes a delightful journey for yourself and everyone else around you. Be one with yourself and enjoy every step you take.