The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel is something many of us seem to be searching for. Have you ever noticed that most tunnels have bright lights built within them such as The Lafontaine Tunnel and Metro tunnels in Montreal, The Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado and The Marmaray Tunnel in Turkey. Whether it be a decision or a choice you made, you are responsible for where you are. How do we get out of this tunnel?

Broke, depressed, unhealthy and unhappy, ask yourself what was your role in creating this scenario. What is holding you back? What direction would you like to go? Can you visualize the path you wish to take? You should take responsibility for where you are at, as this is a vital action needed in order to learn and to move forward. Ask yourself what was appealing about this tunnel? Do you want to stay in this where you are presently? Answering these questions will help you understand the whys and will aid in defining yourself and your inertia. Choosing to play the role of victim delays your healing and progress. Do you want to perpetuate identifying yourself to this story? If this answer is no, then you are able to comprehend that you are where you are because of the choices you made.

Everyone has lived through hard times and assimilates these experiences in a variety of ways. The difference between those who strive and succeed and those who never find their way is that the successful people know how to use their pain as fuel while others let pain use them as fuel.

Another mindset is to realize where you are presently and consciously choose to take a positive direction out of the tunnel. This will allow you to visualize your self journey and begin this new enlightened path.

Decide to be the person you want to be every single day. If you admire someone, notice why. What traits would you like to emulate? Personify them, add your own flare and recreate yourself. For instance, if you would like a healthy lifestyle, examine what healthy people do. Take small steps every day to embody these characteristics.

Empower yourself to become the blissful person you truly are meant to be.